The Gelato Guy inc.

Our hope is to expand the world of gelato in Canada

Our passion for gelato runs long and deep, and our story has unwittingly come full circle. My father worked in his brother’s gelato shop in Germany for several years and subsequently opened his own shop upon arriving in Canada. Once I and my husband entered the workforce, we both gravitated to the foodservice industry, and serendipitously, we stumbled into the gelato sector. There, we learned about, created, and ate gelato. Lots of it.

two decades in the industry

A collection of the best Italian products

After many years working in the gelato industry, we decided to set out to carefully curate an interesting collection of products oftentimes from brands not readily available in Canada up until now.

Top Quality

best ingredients and products

Modern Ice Cream

A new way to make tradition

The Gelato Guy

The history behind the name

So, where does “The Gelato Guy” come from? Well, we wanted to be your go-to; your source for everything gelato; supplies and ingredients, serveware, and support. You have questions, need help balancing recipes, need supplies? You can just ask The Gelato Guy.


Different products to choose from


Our first year in business as The Gelato Guy inc. *


Of tasting, icecream sold each year

* We have been in this industry for a combined 2 decades.