Babbi – Bases – Neutral Rice Natura (Vegan Base)

This thick, rich, and extremely creamy product is a complete mix for creating Vegan gelati.  It is primarily rice based with some soy proteins for added structure.  The Neutral Rice Natura uses a mixture of 4 different stabilizers and a variety of emulsifiers to create an extremely stable product in the display case that will also hold well in pint containers.

The suggested recipe is 1 bag of product + 2000g water + 300g of a fat-based flavour, however, this will also work with a variety of plant-based milks for a different flavour profile and better mouthfeel.

An interesting feature also is that this product does not contain any sucrose.  This product is sweetened using fructose, which is a monosaccharide with a low absorption rate. It also does not container any hydrogenated vegetable fats.




Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Dosage g/Kg

1 bag of Neutral Rice Natura + 2000g water + 300g of fat-based paste

Case Size

8 bags x 1kg

Hot or Cold Process

Cold Process

Vegan Friendly


Dairy Free

Possible Cross Contamination

Gluten Free


No Colour or Natural Colour



Yes – Pareve




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